Study at Rumah Gemilang Indonesia

apu rgi

Depok, West Java on April 2011

I am so glad to have opportunity to study at Rumah Gemilang Indonesia (RGI) as long five months. An opportunity which not everybody can have it to study in this place. Because the Rumah Gemilang administers do to the new student once for every 5 months. Here we really focus only for study appropriate course that we choose. We do not think of the costs to pay for this course. Because it is a resounding RGI provides full scholarships to participants who study at this place.

Rumah Gemilang Indonesia becomes a place where teenagers from youth can improve and develop their skills and build the attitude. There is no requires of a formal school diploma in the selection process of RGI. All they need is just a strong commitment of willingness to study from the potential participant and the capability of reading and writing.  It’s really simple once. This became the hallmark of Rumah Gemilang Indonesia different with other scholarship givers. When the other scholarship granting agencies require prospective scholarship recipients must have a senior high school (SMA) diploma or has completed the formal school with high scores. But not with Rumah Gemilang Indonesia. RGI would like the younger generation can enjoy the education though without removing the cost. Rumah Gemilang Indonesia would like to equip the younger generation with the skills and attitudes, so that upon graduation from this place the participants can become productive and self-sufficient.

Rumah Gemilang Indonesia has four study programs. There is computer engineering and networking, sewing and fashion, graphic design, and photography and videography. Every student choose one of program study. Each course has a single class. I choose a computer engineering and networking. It occurred to me that is currently the development of information and communication technology very rapidly.  Many companies require the employee that has the skills the field of computer skill. I think every skill is useful.

In the program of studies computer and network has five main subjects, namely microsoft office, assembling of computers, computer networking, web design, and creative writing.  Interesting courses at Rumah Gemilang Indonesia,  each student using a computer and the student are  responsible for the used during the course of this session.

Learning activities start at 8 a. m up to 4 p.m. Every monday up to friday. Here the spirit ofl study really feels. We try to learn by enterprising. I feel the atmosphere of  study in this place very conducive. Far from the noise of the vehicle. The air is also pretty fresh. The building Rumah Gemilang Indonesia in the shape of the letter U in the middle there is the garden,grasses and some trees. One student with other students who respect each other. There is nothing to feel who is more excellent. Here we are both learning.

The Graduation Ceremony Batch 5 on November 2011

The Graduation Ceremony Batch 5 on November 2011

In addition to learning skills, Rumah Gemilang Indonesia also held night of muhasabah course every one month. I think the night of muhasabah is very important, because in addition to fellow fraternity students, the night of muhasabah became a means of self-reflection. The night of muhasabah is filled with the prayer together, listen of speech, and sport together. It is a memorable experience. The most memorable was the night of muhasabah listen of speech by Mr. Sigit Iko Sugondo, Director of Rumah Gemilang Indonesia. Students are given a single sheet of paper and an envelope. We are asked to write a Proposal to God. It was the first time I heard the term proposal to God. And I think it is true that the proposal is another word from the word application. And the petition is part of the prayer. The Proposal contains a short target (over the course of five months) and long term targets (a few years future). I write what I wanted this in five months. One of them I want to be the best student in this course. Proposals that have been written are included in an envelope.

The Proposal was written by night and collected in the morning. After prayer shubuh, Mr. Sigit said, “you guys have written Proposal to God for what you aspire to. So, it’s now time you sought to achieve what you want. Accomplished desire later depending on effort and hard work you guys do at the moment. Don’t forget to prayer and ask to God to be facilitated to achieve what you aspire to. The Proposal that you collect at this time I am going to give it back to you after the course is over.”


Written in Jakarta on July 30, 2016


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